Storage for TESLA


We were asked to construct an industrial building for the storage of 1000 cars, for the company of electric motorized cars TESLA. The area the company offered for the construction was located in an non-urbanisticaly-developed area, dominated by nature and geographicaly shaped by a valley and a highway surrounding all of it.

Even though the storage was not the only programm asked within the requirements of the company, the area it takes to locate a thounsand of cars overcame the rest of uses by far. That is why I tought, if we have, with no other choice, to construct an enormous structure, no matter the number of floors, to hold an protect all this bunch of hight-tech vehicles, assuring their correct maintenance [and allowing a motoriced substructure to transport all the products to its corresponding position] , it would be a waste of resources. What would happend if this structure was meant to be something else?


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